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Tim Moulton - Associate, Head of Medical Negligence

When someone suffers from a heart attack the first person on scene is often a bystander, whether they are a friend, family member, colleague, or a stranger in the street. In many circumstances those first on the scene have little to no medical expertise.

So what should you do if someone has a heart attack?

According to the NHS fewer than 1% of the British population has attended an emergency life support course.

You can access course they may help you save someone’s life one day with training from the following organisations:


British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation offers a training course on CPR which is fast, free and easy to use. The training course can be completed in 15 minutes, where you will learn their RevivR technique. If you are unable to complete the training straight away, there is an option get the course sent straight to your inbox so that you can begin that training at a time that suits you.

If you are part of an organisation and would like your staff/colleagues to be trained in CPR British Heart Foundation can provide you the tools to train your team for FREE!


British Red Cross

The British Red Cross offers first aid training at more than 150 venues across the UK and can also come out to you (providing you have a group of up to 12 for the course).

These courses won’t enable you to achieve a first aid certificate but will equip you with the skills that are required in a first aid emergency.

There is an offering a a four-hour training course tailored to parents and grandparents with the aim of teaching you how to carry out first aid on a baby or child.

Another option of first training is one for everyone, with the aim of learning the fundamentals on what to do during a first aid emergency involving adults. This course is also four-hours long.

Again there is also an option to train your staff and colleagues in first aid at work, this curse will cover the basic needs for people helping others in a first aid emergency such as a heart attack.


St John Ambulance

The St John Ambulance also offer first aid courses for individuals and staff. However, they do also provide a short CPR course aimed at ensuring people are aware of how to help others who are suffering from a cardiac arrest. This course is aimed at both individuals and for the workplace.


Legal Support

If you are not offered reasonable care around the health of your heart, and this results in the worsening of your condition, you might be eligible for legal support. Our medical negligence experts will guide you through your claim right from the initial phone call to how the claim will progress, and we ensure that you will receive excellent customer service every step of the way.

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