A 60-year-old Nurse has received a £165,000 settlement after a major UK Hospital failed to provide sufficient treatment following a surgical procedure which resulted in bilateral pulmonary emboli.

It was ruled that the defendant, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS, failed to provide suitable pre-and-post surgical treatment for a Bilateral Cheilectomy which ultimately resulted in the claimant developing Bilateral Pulmonary Emboli (a blood clot in the lungs).

It was concluded also that the Bilateral Pulmonary Embolism was only spotted after Mrs W was admitted via an ambulance complaining with a tight-chest and shortness of breath.

Medical Negligence Serious Injury Solicitor, Georgina Tither who successfully represented Mrs W, said “I know how difficult Mrs W has found it to cope since suffering the multiple pulmonary embolis which developed as a result of the Defendant’s negligence. She has struggled with her day to day life and I am extremely pleased with the outcome we achieved and hope this will assist her in the future.”

In June 2012, Mrs W was admitted to University Hospitals Birmingham NHS to undergo Bilateral Cheilectomy.

A venous thromboembolism risk assessment was undertaken which identified that thromboprophylaxis should be provided.

The post-operative instructions provided that Mrs W should be discharged home when safe to mobilise.

However, Mrs W had a prolonged post-operative recovery and remained an inpatient for a number of days with very little mobility.

At that point, there was already a failure by the Hospital to provide post-operative prophylaxis (treatment given or action taken to prevent disease) both during Mrs W’s Hospital stay and upon her discharge on 4 July 2012.

Days later, Mrs W was admitted to A&E, 7 July 2012 complaining of chest pain and shortness of breath.

It was here Mrs W was diagnosed with Bilateral Pulmonary Emboli and remained an inpatient until 12 July 2012, following treatment.

Following the bilateral pulmonary embolism, Mrs W has continued to suffer with chest pain and more significantly, symptoms of breathlessness both at rest and on exertion.

Despite numerous investigations with both the respiratory and cardiology teams, Mrs W has had to reduce her working hours and requires life time assistance with household tasks.

Speaking to Patient Claim Line in reflection of the case, Mrs W said: “Georgina was really helpful and easy to deal with. Any problems, nothing was too much trouble and she really put me at ease. I’d just like to say a big thank you”

Georgina has since received flowers from Mrs W with a note of personal thanks.

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