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We've got your Finger Amputation Claim covered

Finger amputation is most commonly a result of a traumatic injury, but there are cases where medical negligence has led to finger amputations that could have been avoided. In our experience finger amputations as a result of negligence make up only a very small fraction of the amputations that take place across the UK each year. However, it is possible for a medical professional to insufficiently identify or treat symptoms which then leads to the loss of a finger. The effects of this can be devastating, especially if the finger that has been amputated was on your dominant hand. 

A finger amputation can be in full, or as a partial finger amputation such as a fingertip amputation. 

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What is finger amputation compensation? 

Finger amputation happens for many reasons, including accidents at home or at work. However, it can also be caused by medical negligence, such as the misdiagnosis of a serious disease like sepsis. You can claim compensation if you have suffered due to the negligent actions of a medical professional, that has led to your finger being amputated needlessly.  

If you believe you have had a finger amputated because of medical negligence over the past 3 years, you may be entitled to compensation. If you feel your amputation injury could have been avoided with improved medical care and correct diagnosis, you can contact us and find out if you have a claim for compensation.  

Types of finger amputation compensation 

Depending upon your circumstances, different parts of your finger may need to be amputated. Finger amputation can happen to any finger whether that is your thumb, index finger or little finger.  

The different types of finger amputation are: 

  • Full finger amputation (terminal phalanges. Little finger etc) 
  • Partial finger amputation 
  • Fingertip amputation 
  • Multiple finger amputation 

There are several causes of finger amputations including: 

  • Severe cuts or crush injuries to the fingers which are too severely damaged to repair 
  • Direct trauma to the finger, resulting in lost or partial loss of a finger 
  • Severe infection which has led to tissue loss and is no longer treatable by antibiotics 
  • Cancers affecting the thumb or fingers 
  • Arranged amputation for conditions of the finger, which limits the function of the hands  

How do I know if I can claim? 

It costs nothing to find out if you have a claim for amputation due to negligence. In our experience, some common cases we have seen in the past relating to finger amputation include

  • Misdiagnosis of a serious infection or illness such as meningitis or diabetes, if these are not treated correctly, your condition can worsen, and can lead to finger amputation 
  • Vascular disease misdiagnosis 
  • Surgical errors such as wrong site surgery, or nerve damage caused by surgery 
  • Poor hygiene – flesh out with examples like cellulitis, osteomyelistis 
  • Failure to treat an infected wound 
  • Incorrect treatment for fractures 

What can I expect? 

There are many reasons people have finger amputations, however you may be able to make a claim for compensation if you:  

  • Have altered sensation & increased sensitivity 
  • Had/have initial and ongoing pain as a result of the amputation 
  • Are unable to work as you did before  
  • Need help with simple tasks 
  • Need to learn to use your hands again 
  • Require rehabilitation 
  • Need to regain grip strength 

No amount of compensation can excuse or change a life-altering event such as the loss of a limb, but there are ways that settlements can support you and your family. Successful amputation claims can help you to make each day a little bit easier, and you can usually expect to receive compensation to pay for: 

  • Ongoing treatment, care and rehabilitation 
  • Resources to adapt your home as necessary to prioritise your safety and comfort 
  • Loss of earnings 
  • Counselling 

Why choose patient claim line for your finger amputation claim? 

We have more than 100 specialist medical negligence solicitors based across the UK. We specialise solely in medical negligence and misdiagnosis claims, and have supported hundreds of people with incredibly complex cases. We understand every aspect of medical negligence and promise to walk you through the process to make it as easy as possible to manage.  

When processing your legal claim, your solicitor will be on hand throughout the journey. We have strong relationships with professionals across all key touch points; empowering you to rebuild your independence through ongoing rehabilitation support, home adaptations, emotional support and counselling. 

No win no fee finger amputation claims 

From the very beginning, when you make an initial call, you pay absolutely nothing to us until your case is settled. There are no upfront fees, your initial consultation is completely free with no obligation and, if we are able to proceed with your case, we do so on a  no win, no fee basis. Tackling the enormous changes to your life after amputation is a difficult and long road. Our no win no fee promise exists to make your compensation claim as stress free and simple as possible so you can start looking to the future. 

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Why Choose Patient Claim Line for your Finger Amputation Claim?

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  • Case Study

    Gordon's Story

    "It was an experience that I never thought I’d have to go through"

    Gordon first reported a blockage in 2011, but this wasn’t fully investigated. This delay in medical care meant that he needed an amputation of his lower leg, which impacted his mobility and independence.

    The team at Patient Claim Line determined that Gordon lost his leg because medical professionals didn’t operate soon enough. Our team fought to ensure Gordon received justice, and they were able to secure him compensation for his suffering.

    The financial settlement enabled him to purchase a more suitable prosthetic leg, as he found the NHS prosthesis uncomfortable. Gordon now finds playing his beloved bowls much easier, and his team were recently promoted to a higher league.